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Additional live spokesperson videos with greenscreen background in high definition quality.

Additional set of 32 more high definition spokesperson videos with greenscreen background in 32 different offline niches.

All the scripts in these videos are prepared by professional writers hence you are getting set of very high quality spokesperson videos that you can use to promote your company or use them for your client’s project.

And all the videos are also taken with greenscreen background and in full high definition quality giving you the best details. With greenscreen and high quality resolution videos you can easily key the background out and integrate them into any of your project easily.


Preview The Extra Spokesperson Videos Below:

Additional kinetic Typography Videos.

And additional 32 more Kinetic typography videos. Each of these stunning kinetic videos are made with energetic animations and paired with professional voice over to capture your viewer attention. All the videos come with its original source files in PowerPoint format giving you unlimited customization possibilities over them. Want to add your logo, animation, picture or anything at all? No problem! Plus with the versatility of PowerPoint you literally have unlimited ways to customize them.


Preview The Extra Kinetic Videos Below:

Additional Generic Greenscreen Videos.

More generic spokesperson videos that you can use in website or videos. All the videos are in the most common topic and are spoken by 2 different actors and 1 actress to give you more varieties. Like the frontend product, these generic videos are taken with greenscreen background and you can key them out as necessary to use with your project easily. In total you will get an additional 51 more generic spokesperson videos in this bundle.


Preview The Additional Generic Spokesperson Videos:

Additional Professional Voice Over.

You will also receive all the raw voice over used by the kinetic videos above. Plus each of the track has been professionally separated and optimized into different short track so you can easily use the voice over in slide based software like PowerPoint or Keynote.

Included with all the Raw Video Scripts.

All the original video scripts has also been included with this OTO bundle so you can reference or rewrite them for your own needs.

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